Living the Dream

The path to a joyous, abundant, connected world is right in front of us. If each one of us spent 25 hours a week (or more if that gave you joy) using our greatest gifts meeting the needs of those around us, and making the world a better place, and we shared our resources, we would have more than we needed, we would work in passion. If enough of us do this we will turn our corner of the world into the Garden of Eden.

So what is the path to getting there? If you are unemployed. You are unemployed no more. Decide you have a 25 hour a week job making the lives of others around you, better, and making the world a better place. You can connect with gift circles or online gifting tools like  Or you can informally look at needs around you and simply offer to meet them, or find aligned non-profits and righteous organizations and volunteer your time. And them you can ask for others to meet your needs, the same way you are giving and see what comes back. You may still need to find a “job” but in my experience, using my best gifts, and letting others know I am looking is much more effective (and fulfilling) then sending out resume’s and pouring over Craig;s List.

If you are one of those folks whose paying work is using your greatest gifts to do good in the world, Rock on! If you doing someway between OK and great financially, find ways to spend money to meet your needs through other good people who love what they are doing rather than faceless corporations. If you have excess, give it to people around you, either people who give to you, or others who are doing good things in the world. Quoting the musical Hello Dolly, “Money is like manure, it is only worth something when you spread it around,”

If you feel stuck doing a job that is not your passion just to make ends meet, then look for ways you can receive from others around you in ways that can save you money and time. Gift Circles and Kindista are great for this. Look for areas where you spend money on things trying to fill up emotional holes, and actually get those emotional needs met by your community. Use the freed up resources to work less at your current job, and spend that time giving to others in a way that you love.

People are doing this now. The more of us who live this way, the more we give and receive from one another in love, the more our world is becoming the one we dream of.