Things You Have To Give

When people think of things they have to give – they often think of the skills they use at work. Some people may do enough of this, and not want to share these skills, or they may be so specialized that others are not likely to need them. That’s OK, beyond those skills is so much more!

One more thing you can give – Some folks have very little time but have some available money. So they feel guilty about receiving in the gift economy because they feel they have nothing to give back. Some people are blessed with a lot of money. The essence of the gift economy is that our exchanges are not dependent on money. But that does not mean that money is not one of the things that we can give and receive. If you are a person who has money to give, feel free to give money as an appreciation for what you have received, if it comes from your heart. Feel free to give money to honor those who are doing beautiful things in your community. Feel free to give money to someone whose need you are moved by. Giving money to someone in your community, who gives and receives with others, is not like giving in other ways. It becomes part of a circle where the goodness is passed on.

You’re finished! Now take some of these wonderful ideas and make them happen! You can approach your neighbors and friends. You can post offers and requests in an online gift economy site like or you can find an in-person giving and receiving group, often called “gift circles” if you are in the Eugene Oregon area go here.

Any thoughts about this quiz? Or interesting answers you would be willing to share? Post them below.


One thought on “Things You Have To Give

  1. I have never really thought about what I have to offer others. I don’t have a car, so am limited in that way. My favorite gift to others are books, and I would love to give hand embroidery lessons, to the best of my limited abilities.

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