The More Beautiful World We Are Creating

As I continue to help create the sharing economy, I am aware how many pieces are not in place. At one of my workplaces we face a potential layoff, and I watched one of my co-workers from fear. What kind of world is this, if people are doing a great thing in the world, enjoy doing it, but have to stop because “there is not enough money?” I heard several others talk about the constant fear of not having money and not having a home affected them. This reminds me that although I have enjoyed the kind of gifts I have given and received, and watched others give and receive through Eugene Gift Circles, we are not yet where I want us to be.

I vision a community where no one who is willing to give and their skills will ever have to fear homelessness or lack the basics of life.

I vision a world where we can both give and receive out skills whether or not we have the “money” to give us permission to do so.

I vision a world where through sharing our tools and goods and common tasks like childcare, that we have less, pay for less, and experience more prosperity.

I vision a world where the economic “we” of our community is just as important as the I of us an individuals, where we can work for the common good without holding back, cause we know we will have what we need.

I vision a world where there are enough meaningful life giving jobs for everyone who wants one.

I vision a world where hoarding of money or resources becomes very uncool, and unnecessary.

I vision a world where nobody who is not absolutely in love with their job has to work more than 30 hours, and that most people have enough time.


I realize that one error I have made up to this point, is in thinking we just need to ignore money as much as possible. Money is still a part of our world with all its imperfections, and at this point we heed to learn to distribute money to where it is needed.

Other attitudes that will help us build this beautiful world are:

Learning the skills of being with one another, that will allow us to really lean on one another.

Developing the skills of working through conflict positively

Focusing on our real and most important needs and wants, rather than the objects we use to try to fill or avoid our feelings and needs.

Learning to ask and to share our material goods, rather than throwing out or needlessly buyin.


This visions would be wonderfully supported, by having more cheap small housing units Where there is individual space and shared space with others.


What would it take for you to join the sharing economy? What would it take for you to share your resources significantly enough that we all had enough money and basic necessities? What is the next step to profound sharing, almost an economic”tribe”

Please write me and let me know your thoughts. We can create this together!


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