Why Are Gift Circles Important?

Gift Circles, and the larger Sharing Economy, giving because we care rather than because we are getting paid, has great personal benefit as well as the potential for creating a life changing paradigm shift for entire culture, Let’s talk about why.

Many of us live split lives. We have a caring, high valued life with our friends and community, but we both work, and purchase things in the world, in ways that disconnect us at best, and sicken us at worst. Gift Circles are a step towards reuniting our hearts with our work, and our receiving, so that all we do is give things we care about to people we care about, and receive what we need gratefully.

In times of economic restriction, like the present, there are often people who have great gifts to share, who are not giving them, and people who need those very skills. And the exchange never happens, because we do not have money to give ourselves the permission to do it. In the Sharing Economy, we take our power back, and we have full employment, there will always be a place for you to give your gifts. As we give and receive fully, there is the possibility of real abundance, rather than an artificial shortage in a world that has all we need.

Because of false values of independence, where we feel we should never need anyone, and always do it ourselves. This leads to many suffering in silence, when their community could easily meet their needs. As we practice asking for what we want and receiving it gratefully, we have the possibility of living in a world where everyone’s needs are met.


It is certainly not bad to use and share money, and some form of money will probably continue to part of our lives. But because of the rules around money in our society, it is not a neutral means of exchange.

Money has interest attached, which leads to a need for more and more rather than a sustainable economy. Money unlike anything in the natural world, does not wear out over time, but grows. This leads to hoarding. There is no cost for most polluting, and for using non-renewable resources, combined with money’s other qualities, this encourages a pillaging of our natural resources. So the money economy is biased toward hoarding, desperation from not having enough, and the overuse of precious resources.

With an economy not centered on money, we can more easily build a sustainable world. For more on the story of money, check our Sacred Economics in our links section.


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