Welcome to the Gift Economy

Welcome to Eugene Gift Circles. On this website you will find a description of how gift circles work, some of the reasons they are important both for you and the world, and a few links to other great gift economy resources. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Gift Economy

  1. Hello! I’m enjoying your website and the ideas of a gift economy. Would it be OK with you if I copied your explanation for the meetup and used it for a meetup here in Ammon, Idaho? I wrote one, then read yours and it just said so much more, with less words. Would that be OK with you? I’m in the studying phase, but it just feels so right I want to get it out there NOW. I figure I will be learning and growing as I go along, and if I wait for some unknown clarity the time will come and go.
    Pam Holman

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